COVID-19 Guidelines for Entering Facility

Premier Fastpitch Academy / Premier Sport Services

  • No one with a fever or exhibiting shortness of breath, or coughing should enter the facility.
  • No workers should report to work if showing any signs of fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
  • Only parents allowed in the building will be a parent catching their own daughter during pitching lesson.
  • Only those participating in a lesson may enter into the building. Please have students bring payment in for lessons if not already prepaid in advance.
  • Pitchers should bring their own ball for pitching when available. We will have a ball available if needed.
  • Anyone entering the facility should wash their hands for at least the recommended 20 seconds. After participants complete their lesson they should wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds.  
  • No one should shake hands and everyone should avoid any physical contact with others.
  • Everyone should try to maintain a 6 foot distance between each other while in the facility doing lessons.
  • To avoid gathering of groups, parents of students, or anyone not actively participating in lessons should wait in their car.  Lobby area will be a reserved area and only used as permitted by a Premier Staff Member.
  • Increased physical space between workers and customers should try to be maintained.
  • Premier will be enhancing sanitation of the workplace as appropriate.  Workers will be provided disinfectant and sanitation products for workers to clean their workspace and equipment as needed.
  • Parents wanting to view lessons via a phone or Ipad app should download the MontavueGo app. Once installed you will need to configure and set a username and password. This is a free service. Keep in mind that data rates and charges may apply from your phone carrier if you do not have an unlimited data plan. Information and details for setting up the MontavueGo App can be found here by clicking on the setup instructions link. Setup Instructions